Use the power of your audience to know what content should be amplified.

Native Advertising Intelligence

The only big data product bringing you content marketing trends across your entire industry. Harness the collective intelligence of millions of fans across your customer touch points.

  • Amplify content via native ads and get the most engagement
  • Content Discovery via native content insertion on domain
  • Track your customer's actions and display the right content at the right time

Who, What, When, Why, How

Amplifying content via native ads is your first step. Understanding reach and distribution beyond simple ads that are declining and keeping you content in context drives higher engagement.

  • Your customers are mobile. Ensure your content is mobile enabled.
  • Provide on domain native content display that can be automatically amplified.
  • Place the native content widget on your site to maximize engagement.

What Can Your Brand Learn?

The benefits of InfiniGraph's intelligence are staggering. No longer do you have to guess at what's working. You'll get to combine our intelligence with your creativity and brand voice to easily amplify and scale your content marketing over the native ad network.

  • Posts that perform are automatically distributed to a visual HUB - like a brand Pinterest
  • Group content into lists and display them over the content insertion network
  • Amplify over partner networks by using simple drop in code
  • Host your own native ad network or amplify over existing networks
  • Track interactions and bring customers back to your call to action

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Surface the right content in the right places - Native content insertion is simple.

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Satisfied Brands


"InfiniGraph tells us what content is working and when over the media properties most important to our customers."

– Jason Yau, Digital Marketing Manager - L’Oreal USA

Room 214

"Digital insights requires knowing what your customers are into and what they resonate around to create content that's relevant to them. With InfiniGraph we're able to see what trends, answering vital question on what content works, consumer preference and behavior."

– James Clark, Co-Founder - Room214


"InfiniGraph provided UPMC priceless insights driving our content marketing direction. There isn’t another channel we would be able to get that type of data very quickly and relatively inexpensive for the value we got back in return."

– Ian Karnell, President OfferGraph

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