We process over 3.5 billion content interactions per
week between a billion
users faster than
you can click "like."

Stop Drowning in Big Data

Billions of interactions, billions of people, but only the insights that are most valuable to you.

  • Fast, reliable insights that keep your content marketing ahead of the competition.
  • Remove guesswork, but still have the creative freedom to make your own decisions and keep your brand voice.
  • Discover what hottest content in social media is for your fans, learn why, and use those insights to dominate your niche

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"InfiniGraph tells us what content is working and when over the media properties most important to our customers."

– Jason Yau, Digital Marketing Manager - L’Oreal USA

Room 214

"Digital insights requires knowing what your customers are into and what they resonate around to create content that's relevant to them. With InfiniGraph we're able to see what trends, answering vital question on what content works, consumer preference and behavior."

– James Clark, Co-Founder - Room214


"InfiniGraph provided UPMC priceless insights driving our content marketing direction. There isn’t another channel we would be able to get that type of data very quickly and relatively inexpensive for the value we got back in return."

– Ian Karnell, President OfferGraph

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