Everything You Need to Perfect Your Content Marketing.

Industry Benchmarks

You know how your social media properties are performing. Have you looked at your entire industry?

  • Set benchmarks and best-practices for your team
  • Create a content calendar based on how people interact with content in your industry
  • Justify your investment in video and photo content based on actual performance metrics

What brands are your audience interacting with?

Not just competitive brands – any brand with a Twitter or Facebook audience is relevant to look at.

  • Find hidden gems such as cross-promotional opportunities, new media properties to buy against, competitors not yet on your radar.
  • Find Competitive Brand Intelligence on brands your fans also interact with
  • Use these brands to find the hottest content

Content Discovery

What content is ALREADY trending with your audience? We have the tool to do just that!

  • Take the guesswork out of your content marketing - see which content is already getting massive likes, shares, comments and retweets.
  • Use trending content to increase engagement, beat EdgeRank and be more visible to your fans
  • Your content marketing team will love our Hypercuration™ product where they can add and remove the brands they want to find the best trending content from.

Target Interests on Facebook with our Long Tail Interest Graph

  • Buying targeted ads on Facebook is a highly cost-effective form of advertising that we've taken a giant leap forward on.
  • You can target people's interests on Facebook. But what are they interested in? You can probably guess 10-15 of them, but it's easy to get stumped.
  • InfiniGraph's Long Tail Interest Graph looks at the interests of your audience to give you not 50, or 100 but up to 500 interests that appear frequently among your fans.

Learn How Each Individual Piece of Content Performs

Our Trend Scores are like Klout for content. We can teach you what's working or not at the content level.

  • Learn how likes, comments, retweets and shares affect the virality of your content.
  • Understand what content genres resonate with your audience the most to increase your performance even further!

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What are you interested in?

You don't have to fly blind anymore. We distill the big data of content interaction.

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Satisfied Brands


"InfiniGraph tells us what content is working and when over the media properties most important to our customers."

– Jason Yau, Digital Marketing Manager - L’Oreal USA

Room 214

"Digital insights requires knowing what your customers are into and what they resonate around to create content that's relevant to them. With InfiniGraph we're able to see what trends, answering vital question on what content works, consumer preference and behavior."

– James Clark, Co-Founder - Room214


"InfiniGraph provided UPMC priceless insights driving our content marketing direction. There isn’t another channel we would be able to get that type of data very quickly and relatively inexpensive for the value we got back in return."

– Ian Karnell, President OfferGraph

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