About InfiniGraph

About InfiniGraph

InfiniGraph amplifies video play rates through a programmatic mobile video intelligence platform powered by a machine learning technology called KRAKEN™ maximizing the brands effectiveness and content marketing spend.

What It Does...

InfiniGraph invented and patented the first programmatic video platform called KRAKEN™ enabling dramatic click to play rates through a learning algorithm that improves over time based on human interactions. The KRAKEN process works over every video type on any network and designed as a mobile first platform.

How It Works...

InfiniGraph looks at the big data of video content interaction, processing billions of content actions over millions of videos and thousands of brands. Utilizing machine learning to alter visuals to best attract consumers to engage in real-time. KRAKEN learns what resonates with consumers on mobile video and dynamically adjusts to maximizes play and play completion rates.

Why It's Valuable...

Video is the largest and fastest growing segment in marketing yet there isn't a simple way to programmatically adjust video images to target consumers based on behavior over what is seen now in static video. This problem is leaving billions on the table with un-played video.



"In a highly competitive Ad Tech space, where videos drive the lion share of revenues, InfiniGraph's technology, Kraken is the first real breakthrough we have seen in many years. I can see Kraken being implemented by digital broadcast networks, publishers, ad networks and video player platforms in the very near future. Early adopters will turbo charge their video ad revenues on desktop and mobile. Read more..."

– Baglan Nurhan Rhymes, SVP of Revenue - AnchorFree


"We're seeing the highest engagement levels for our customers using InfiniGraph?s native video content. Read more..."

– Jim Calhoun, COO - SocialMoms

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